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Issue Nº 4

While briefly seeking shelter from the howling wind, I came upon this most impeccably designed periodical in a tiny neighbourhood newsagent. Delivered upon a formal yet dancing grid system, perhaps you might wish to join me in taking a peek at its interior pages?

In publication since 2007 by Mike Koedinger Editions in Luxembourg, and designed by INgrid, Nico is an editorially driven bi-annual magazine with its attention focused jointly on emerging and established artists in a wide range of creative fields. I should add: its articles are primarily delivered in the interview format, deferentially in the native tongue of the respective artist featured.

If I may also interject: aside from a few end feature articles, this magazine was composed exclusively with the Mrs. Eaves family, utilising its lyrically designed ligatures as a subtle but effective primary design element, along with contrasting type sizes to establish its visual navigation and hierarchy.

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← Typical spread.


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