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Sophie Calle
Did You See Me?

Books like this one prevent me from practising a minimal life despite routinely longing for less. With each move, I carefully pack away my books within the boxes I count among my belongings, but not before giving my dutiful hands over to another flicking through their pages. I often wonder if indeed these books belong to me; or I to them?

Originally published as an accompaniment to the retrospect held at the Pompidou Centre in 2003, this dense volume of Sophie Calle's work is less an exhibition catalogue as we've come to expect of them, than a provocative personal journal of her life, punctuated by the artistic projects which consume it.

Bound within a diary'ish padded cover, set in no less than 4 typefaces and five paper stocks, and awash with inserts and bind-ins, this volume is evocative of an expedition along side the artist through the course of her projects, as if she herself may have stuffed bits of paper and contact sheets within her own journal to aid and refine her deliberations. If I may not align with some of her more voyeuristic or invasive pieces, I'm no less held captive by their intrigue and her assiduity for their undertaking.

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